Special Offers

Discount of 10% on selected services including:


  •   Hair Treatment
  •   Hair Maintenance Extensions
  •   SemiPermanent Makeup (Eyebrow Tattoo)
  •   SemiPermanent Makeup (Lips Tattoo)
  •   Moroccan Bath
  •   Massage
  •   Eyebrow Botox
  •   Facial
  •   Lash Lifting
General Packages:


  • 10% discount on Hand and Feet Treatment 
  • 15% discount on Hair Treatment, SPMU, Hammam, Massage, Skinwear Facials, Hair Extension Maintenance 
  • 5 Blow dry + 1 Free
  • 4 Normal Facial + 1 Free
  • 4 Moroccan Hammam + 1 Free Massage 
Bridal Packages – price includes a Special 15% Discount:


  • Pamper Yourself Package for KD 70: Basic Mani & Pedi, Blow Dry, Sweet Escape Hammam, Skin Gym Signature Facial and Hair Treatment (L’Oreal or Kerastase)
  • Glowup Package for KD 76: Russian Lashes (Natural Volume), Brow Botox, Basic Mani & Pedi or Wavy Regular
  • Glamour Package for KD 51: Simple Hairstyle and Full Face Make Up
Occasions Packages  price includes a Special 15% Discount:


  • Engagement Package for KD 143: Engagement Makeup, Engagement Hairstyle, Basic Mani & Pedi, Sweet Escape Hammam, and Relaxing massage
  •  Pre Bride for KD 316: Hair Color, SPMU Eyebrow, Hair Treatment Kerastase, Full Body Treatment (Oriental Body wrap with Shea Butter), Relaxing Massage, Nail & Feet Treatment (Soyaffin Treatment Mani & Pedi) and FacialFlush Up Treatment
  •  Bride Package Luxury for KD 385: Bridal Makeup, Bride Hairstyle, Royal Hammam, Basic Mani & Pedi, Hair Treatment, Russian Lashes (Medium volume), Eyebrow Botox, Relaxing massage
Discount of 10% on Nail and Hair Treatments, Semi Permanent Makeup, Moroccan Hammam, Massages, Skinwear, and Hair Extension Maintenance.
 Special Packages:
  •   6 sessions of Blow Dry and get 2 Free
  •   3 sessions Relax Massage and get 1 Free
  •   50KD Prepaid Card and get KD 10 Free
  •   MakeUp and Hairstyle for KD 60
  •   With every Basic Manicure and Pedicure get 30% on Spa  
  •   With every Hair Color you get Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner for Free
  •   Glowup Package Russian Lashes, Brow Botox, Manicure and Pedicure for KD 72
  •   Free Blow Dry with any Hair Treatment every Sunday
  •   Back to University: Hammam, Hair Treatment Fiber Clinic, Regular Facial for KD 60
Bridal Packages  – price includes a Special 15% Discount:
  • Essential Bridal Package for KD 319: Full Face Makeup, Hair Style, Veil Placement, Spa Basic Mani & Pedi, Moroccan Bath Regular, Relaxing Massage 60 Mins
  •  Luxury Bridal Package for KD 383: Full Face Makeup, Hair Style, Veil Placement, Hair Accessories, Royal Moroccan Bath, Basic Mani & Pedi with Joe Melon Nail Treatment, Hair Treatment, Russian Lashes, Relaxing Massage 60 Mins
  •  Bride Companions Package (friends of the bride) for KD 68: Hair Style, Full Face Makeup, Basic Mani & Pedi

PreBridal Offers (13 months before your wedding): with a 15% discount on each of the below services:
  •   Hair Color 
  •   SemiPermanent Makeup for Eyebrow
  •   Hair Smoothing Treatment
  •   Full Body Treatment
  •   Relaxing Massage 
  •   Full Face Threading 
  •   UV Tan 4 Sessions 
  •   Nail Treatment 
  •   Facial
10% discount on all services (with minimum spend of 10KD).
Applies to Kuwait City branch only.