Nose Blackhead, Extraction Hand Massage and Hydrafacial KD 20
Duration 35 Min
Full Cleaning Process with Deep Extraction to get Fresh Skin and Hydafacial Full Step KD 30
Duration 60 Min
Four Devices Used for Clean, Fresh, Lightening and Firming Skin KD 25
Duration 60 Min
Deep Cleaning Steps with Full Extractions for Clean Back and Hydra Facial KD 25
Duration 90 Min
Hydrating and Brightening KD 15
Duration 25 Min
Cleaning, Lifting Massage and Specific Double Mask for Radiance Decolte Look KD 20
Duration 30 Min
Cleaning, Hydrating and Brightening Starting from KD 20
Duration 25 Min
Cleaning, Hydrating and Brightening KD 25
Duration 25 Min
30 Mins KD 20
60 Mins KD 30
Cleaning, Glowing and Refresh KD 15
Duration 15-30 Min
Effective Treatment for Eye and Lip to Youth, Relax and Sparkle KD 15
Duration 15-30 Min
Cleaning and Oxygenating KD 20
Duration 15-30 Min
Scrub + Hydrafacial+Lip Mask KD 10
Duration 15-30 Min
Eye Treatment KD 5
Lip Treatment KD 5
Quick Hand Treatment KD 10
Duration 15 Min